Brad Peterson

It’s a late bright yellow morning. The air is perfumed with blooming jasmine and a ballet of refracted sunlight through a glass of water, comforts you. In a daydream, a sense of calm pours over you while the buzz of a thousand distant conversations hush. The needle drops on the spinning dusty pale-blue vinyl and a welcomed voice sings to reveal long-kept secrets. Memories like a smile of your childhood visit you and in that moment you’ve become part of the songs composing: ‘the fleur-de-lis EP’.

Autodidact, Inventor, Producer, Singer & Songwriter Brad Peterson exemplifies the ethos of the independent, intrepid musician better than almost anyone. Brad was experimenting with recording his original songs as soon as he figured out how to work his cassette recorder before he was nine. Through the decades he evolved through a series of stylistic shifts with his powerful and emotive voice establishing an anchor. His songs became refined and he played in increasingly larger spheres of influence. Stages got bigger –as did the audience. Peterson eventually rubbed elbows with some of the greats: Brian Wilson, Bono, Sufjan Stevens, Edie Brickell, David Lowery, Jeff Buckley, and others. Peterson’s style now settles into a catchy and inventive mixture of haunting melodies, evocative lyrics, and a certain je ne sais quoi.

‘the fleur-de-lis EP’ comprises Vale Of Tears, 45, Rock Fight, minor, & Fleur-de-lis, with BP in the roles of singer, writer, producer, and performing most of the instrumentation himself in his lab.

A live tour of 40 cities with a press & broadcast campaign will compliment the release of the video & vinyl single: Vale Of Tears / 45.