Brad Peterson

Imagine this:
It’s a late hazy and faded pale morning. The air is perfumed with coffee and pipe tobacco as long-beamed sunlight through warped glass windows, hypnotizes you into daydreams. A sense of calm pours over you while the buzz of a thousand distant conversations hush. Just then, a needle drops on spinning dusty vinyl and comes a welcomed warm voice that reveals long-kept secrets. Memories like smiles from your childhood. You’ve become part of the ‘the Fleur-de-lis EP’.


Autodidact and inventor, Brad Peterson, exemplifies the ethos of the independent-intrepid musician. At age six, he was experimenting with recording his original songs -as soon as he figured out how to work a cassette recorder. Through the decades he evolved through a series of stylistic shifts with his powerful and emotive voice ever-present. As the songs became refined, he played in expanding spheres of influence. Stages and audiences grew and Peterson eventually rubbed elbows with some of the greats: Brian Wilson, Bono, Sufjan Stevens, Edie Brickell, David Lowery, Elton John, Jeff Buckley, and others.

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