Forever is a Long Time (September Remix)
Song by Brad Peterson.

Brad Peterson
Forever is a Long Time (September Remix)
Brad PetersonArtist Bio Forever is a Long Time (September Remix)

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Forever is a Long Time” was rethought in my garden-shed studio, August of 2020.

Notes: Brad Peterson releases a new recording for Autumn 2020. Brad describes the song’s inspiration as such:

“This song was written and recorded in a garden shed in the brilliant cinematic colors of September, with its long light through tall pines, aromatic redolence, and melodious chorus of nature that seems to sing tales of long forgotten secrets. There is something mystical about this time of year when the veil between light and dark, past and present, the terrestrial and the celestial wears thin. Our minds are free to wander and reflect. “Forever is a Long Time” is an unrestricted journey through the sublime -like a childhood daydream. There’s also a sense of melancholy as one ponders the shortened days ahead -coupled with a sense of loss of the bright days; I ponder my own mortality. These concepts combine into a complex feeling for which the English language has no exact words. Perhaps this song was my exercise to bond with nature and accept my autumn days as a human being -while trying to let go of regret, what might have been, and what will never be again.”


in the chorus of the dawn’s song is a pause
comes a memory of the days gone -then it’s lost
i open up my eyes
content yet mystified
and we’ll ride into the long light with a whimsical tune
flecks of red and gold that burn bright will be gone soon
charcoal written secrets in words that don’t exist
though it isn’t known
maybe it’s this here
a clearing in the pines
empyrean skies
sleeping dogs that lie
a word to nullify
a soothing anodyne
and forever is a long time


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BRAD PETERSON Photographs of Brad Peterson: Brad Peterson is an indie-singer-songwriter from a wooded area near Lake Michigan north of Chicago, where he built a little back-yard garden shed – effectively a music-making laboratory where he Writes, Records and Produces all his music. [...]

Genre : Americana, Alternative, Adult Alternative, Indie, Singer-Songwriter, Folk, Alt-Folk, Rock
BPM: 103
Key: D Major
ISRC: QZAMM1940447
UPC: 193339438467
ISWC: T9203194927

Keywords: nostalgic, dreamy, contemplative, epic, hypnotic, surreal, autumn, drone, equinox, acoustic, September

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