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“Keepsakes In The Garbage (Silver Anniversary Edition)

New Single for 2020

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Brad Peterson
Keepsakes in the Garbage
Brad PetersonArtist Bio Keepsakes in the Garbage

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Keepsakes in the Garbage – Silver Anniversary Edition (Lyric Video) Originally written in 1993, and recorded in 1995. Silver Anniversary Edition: All instruments and production by Brad Peterson in the garden shed, winter of 2020.

Notes: Brad Peterson releases his new recording for 2020. Brad describes the song’s inspiration as such: “There comes a time when a young man must venture forth into the real world and leave behind the comfort and whimsies of childhood. I wrote this song on the eve of my move to Chicago from a little-rural burgh, which was my boyhood home. Surrounded by bags, boxes, and various bric-a-brac, I had to decide what items where to be kept and which were to be discarded forever -like my youth. It’s now years later and I’ve decided to let nostalgia get the best of me -to record this memory of my memories for the sake of posterity… I miss unannounced visits and tapes”, he then added. Written and performed entirely by Brad Peterson and recorded in his Garden Shed.

Lyrics: Never had no treasures of gold Just keepsakes in the garbage And the house has been sold I won’t be living here no more I’ve got all my shi_ in boxes and I’m walking out the door But I’ve got keepsakes in the garbage I’ve got keepsakes in the garbage All the ribbons and my medals in a hefty bag The t-bird’s in the junkyard and all I got is Crumpled drawings by the road and then a careful handed garbage man starts to unfold I’ve got keepsakes in the garbage I’ve got keepsakes in the garbage Crayola built this house with an orange roof Flowers clouds and rainbows too And in the upper right hand corner So yellow and so bright A spoked wheel sun shines in a sky of blue And with every Schlitz I think of the old man I see his face and I hear his voice and then I I open another can I open another can But I’ve got keepsakes in the garbage I’ve got keepsakes in the garbage yeah I’ve got keepsakes I’ve got keepsakes in the garbage


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BRAD PETERSON Photographs of Brad Peterson: Brad Peterson is an indie-singer-songwriter from a wooded area near Lake Michigan north of Chicago, where he built a little back-yard garden shed – effectively a music-making laboratory where he Writes, Records and Produces all his music. [...]